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Do you want to live in or travel to Hungary? No matter what your current level is, beginner or advanced, during General Hungarian classes we will focus on conversation, but also work on other important language skills, such as reading, writing and listening.
Do you need Hungarian for your job? Business Hungarian classes will cover all the aspects of the Hungarian language that you may need for your job: telephone and email correspondence, negotiation, job interview, meetings, etc.
Do you need to sit a Hungarian language exam? Exam preparation classes will successfully help you to pass the language exam for getting the Hungarian citizenship , ECL or ELTE Origo, with flying colours.
If you need fast and reliable translation services, Hungarian-English or English-Hungarian, you can also get them here.
Your text will be scrutinized, and all the grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation mistakes will be identified and corrected. Consequently, your text will be of the highest standard and completely free of errors. 

Individual lessons are customized to suit your personal needs and to fulfill your goalsThe focus is on speaking skills, but lessons can include other exercises too: writing, grammar, Hungarian vocabulary and pronunciation.


What will you get?

Tailor-made classes with a focus on your particular needs

The best advice on studying materials

Proactive approach

Encouragement and motivation

Most importantly, you will achieve your goal!


How can you start

Have a FREE consultation: I will evaluate your level and help you set learning goals. You can tell me the reasons why you want to learn Hungarian and inform me about any specific needs you have so that I can create the best lesson plan for your fast progress.


Ready to start? 🙂